About the School


Halkirk School, opened in 1956, was built as a Junior Secondary School and it became a Primary School in 1967. The primary classrooms are in the schools main wing of the building where our 135 pupils are taught.

There are 8 classrooms in this wing – one for each of our six classes, one used by our CCR teacher to teach science or RME while the other is a library.


The Head Teacher’s office, Staff Room and Janitor’s room are also situated around the original main entrance hall of the school. This entrance is unfortunately rarely used. It is an attractive entrance which may be approached by steps from Braal Road or a paved walkway along the front of the school if entering from Braal Terrace. Otherwise, the main entrance to the school is by the reception door leading in from the tarmac playground area at the rear of the school where the Clerical Assistant is based.

The School has a large hall with stage. It adjoins the school kitchen and is used as a dining hall and for social functions.

There is a large, well equipped gymnasium and changing rooms. The Music Room, in the middle wing, is large, bright and airy and large enough for the whole school to gather. We use this room for School assembly and other occasions when we wish the whole school to meet together. It is also used by the younger classes for music and movement.

In the middle wing are the Art/Craft room and the Playgroup. The north wing of the school is now used by the Mother & Toddlers’ Group and 1st Halkirk Girl Guides and the Rainbows.  We also have a fully equipped kitchen here where some of the children enjoy baking.

Various organisations including, Girl Guides and Junior Football Club make use of the school in the evenings, while there are occasional lets to the Youth Club, Community Council and other organisations ensuring that the school fulfils its role in the community.

The school is set in a large area of open ground providing ample playing space for all pupils. There are two football pitches and other large, grassy areas.  The school has recently been upgraded with a new drop off/pick up parking area, the playground and parking areas have been fully re-surfaced and the netball court re-lined.

Golden Rules

We encourage our school “Golden Rules” which are as follows:

Do be gentle Do not hurt anybody
Do be kind and helpful Do not hurt people’s feelings
Do work hard Do not waste your or other people’s time
Do look after property Do not waste or damage things
Do listen to people Do not interrupt
Do be honest Do not cover up the truth