S.N.A.G                               UPDATE                  February 2015

Hi we are the S.N.A.G group and we would like to tell you about what we have been doing this term. We have been focusing on eating breakfast and trying to tell everyone what an important meal it is.


To help get the message across, Dorothy made some porridge and the S.N.A.G group handed it out to the classes. We added different toppings. The topping were: raisins, honey, bananas, frozen fruit, yogurt. Most people really loved it! As you can see by the photos!

We also tried some eggy bread with banana and honey that we made in the kitchen in groups and gave to the classes.

We got the recipe from the new leaflet we ordered, and we have given it out to all the children. We hope you can try some of the recipes out at home.

The S.N.A.G group gave a presentation assembly in where we showed a video and a song about eating healthily and we also gave a presentation about why breakfast is so important.


Eat breakfast and “SHAKE UP YOUR Wake up!”

Making eggy bread and banana and honey.


Washing up!


And a little reminder, the Fruity Friday winners get the pineapple to keep for a week AND an extra 5 minutes playtime on a Friday. So far the older classes are not doing too well!