Meet the Teachers

No doubt you’ve heard your child come home and talk all about Mr or Mrs So and So, but maybe you don’t know much about them or even what they look like yet!  Hopefully this page can help.  We’ve got a small table of our teachers, and associated support staff below.  If you wish to know a little bit more about any of them simply click their name.


Miss Vallene Waddell,       P1/2 Teacher


Mrs Karen Munro,          P2/3 Teacher

Mrs. Fiona Macdonald P2/3 Teacher

Mrs Fiona MacDonald,     P2/3 Teacher

Mrs. Audrey Young P3/4 Teacher

Mrs Audrey Young,           P3/4 Teacher


Mrs Carolyn Castle, P6 Teacher

Mrs. Win Campbell P6/7 Teacher

Mrs. Win Campbell,         P7 Teacher


Mr Thomas McAlonan, Support for Learning Teacher

Miss Fiona Swanson SfLA

Miss Fiona Swanson,       Support for Learning Assistant

Mrs. Sandra Polson SfLA

Mrs. Sandra Polson, Support for Learning Assistant

Mrs Vivian MacKay, Office

Mrs Vivian MacKay,        Clerical Assistant

Mr Donald Bain, Janitor

Mr Donald Bain, Janitor