Newsletter 1


Halkirk Primary School – Newsletter 1 – August 2016

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Welcome to the new school year!  I hope everyone had a super summer.  The children look so smart in their uniforms.  Thank you!

P1 Curriculum Evening – There will be a meeting for P1 parents on Tuesday 6thSeptember at 7pm.  All parents/grandparents welcome.

Safe Highlander – P7 will be going through to Wick to take part in this event on Tuesday 6th September in the morning.

Quoybrae Visit – We hope to take our P6 class to a Food and Farming Event on 6thOctober.

School Term Dates – Please note that Thursday 22/9 and Friday 23/9 are In-Service Training days and school will be closed to pupils.

Survey Monkey – Here are the results of the survey.  We will discuss them at the next Parent Council Meeting in September. This date will be confirmed shortly. The results are based on 53 responses.

How much has the home/school partnership strengthened this session?
I’m much more involved – 17% Bit more involved – 34%

Not any difference – 47%

I’m less involved – 2%

How much would you like to be involved in revising our curriculum?
I’d like to be much more involved. – 5%Bit involved – 31%

I am happy to be informed by school afterwards – 64%


How satisfied were you with your child’s educational experiences this year?

Very Satisfied – 56%

Fairly Satisfied – 37%

Not Satisfied – 5%

Very Unsatisfied – 2%


My child knows what to do to improve.

Strongly Agree – 19%

Agree – 59%

Disagree – 22%

Strongly Disagree – 0%

The school keeps me well-informed of my child’s progress.

Strongly Agree – 23%

Agree – 43%

Disagree – 32%

Strongly Disagree – 2%


School Improvement Plan – You will shortly receive our Standards and Quality Report and School Improvement Plan.  A brief summary of our projects for improvement this session will be given at the next Parent Council meeting on 19 September 2016.