Halkirk Primary School – Newsletter 4 – December 2017

Tel: 01847 831 246

  • Cinema Visit

The whole school is going to the cinema on Friday, 15th December; they will be watching The Star.  The Parent Council have kindly offered to help with the cost along with the school therefore the amount will be a reduced to £2.00 per pupil. We are not allowed to take our own snacks but the cinema are offering popcorn and a drink at £1 each, which we need to order ahead.  Could you please send in the money for the film plus the money and the order for the snacks, if required, by Wedensday, 13th December.

  • Christmas Parties

The parties will be held in the afternoon as follows:-

P1/2 & P2/3 – 18th December, P4 & P5 – 19th December and P6 & P7 – 20th December. The Parent Council are donating money for snacks.

  • Facebook

We now have a Facebook page.  It will be used for keeping you up to date with information and to inform you of school closures.  If you have Facebook please look us up, if you do not have Facebook let me know so I can send out any information to you as normal.  We are hoping this will cut down the amount of posters that are currently sent out.  This will not be replacing emails as there is some information that is sent out that requires it to go directly to the parent.  If you are unable to print out or are having trouble receiving our emails please get in touch so I am able to organise a hard copy to be sent home to you.

  • Enterprise Afternoon

The children will be holding an Enterprise Afternoon on Thursday, 14th Dec where they will be selling the items they have been making in the class. They will also be entertaining by singing some Christmas songs.  The Parent Council will be selling raffle tickets for the Hampers at the door.  They will be 50p a ticket or £2 for a strip of 5, giving you an extra chance to win!.  If you would like to buy tickets in advance please contact me and I will put your name on a ticket/s, please send in the money with your child.

  • School Holidays

School will close at 14:45/15:15 on Friday, 22nd December and will be re-opening on Monday, 8th January 2018.

  • Girl Guides

The Girl Guides Christmas Card post box will be situated at the reception desk again this year.  If you wish the Guides to deliver your cards for you, please send in to the school by December 19th (see poster).  They ask for a donation for the posting of each card, 25p per card was suggested.

  • Christmas Lunches

Christmas Lunches will be held on Wednesday, 13th December.  If your child does not like Christmas Dinner, please provide a pack lunch as there will be no other option on this day.

  • Christmas Service

Currently we have no details for the Christmas Service but we will inform you once we have a confirmed time and date.


December  2017