Halkirk Primary School – Newsletter 1 – August 2017

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Welcome Back

I would like to extend a very warm welcome back to school to everyone for our Autumn term.  I hope you all had a relaxing summer.  I would especially like to welcome our new P1 children and those who have also enrolled from other schools into P2 to P7.

We welcome Miss Hutchinson to P5. Miss Hutchinson comes from Dunbeath Primary where she completed her probationary year.

We also welcome Miss Kelliher to the team. Miss Kelliher is the ASNT (additional support needs teacher) and will be supporting pupils, parents and teachers in this role.

We welcome Mrs Cormack to the PSA team.

Parent Council

The Parent Council A.G.M will be held on Tuesday, 12th September at 18:45 in the library.  All parents are warmly invited to attend the AGM as detailed above.  The support the school receives in terms of fundraising and volunteers cannot be over-emphasised and benefits ALL our children.  We usually have just one meeting per term so please come along!

 H and S – Walkway

Could we please remind everyone that the walkway beside the green gate that goes into the car park is for picking up and dropping off only. No one should park their cars there as it will be a Health and Safety hazard.

Fire Practice

We had a fire alarm practice today- it may be useful to discuss this with your child to further explain its importance.

Minecraft Workshop

P4 will be attending the above workshop in Caithness Horizons on Wednesday, 6th September between 10:15 – 12 noon.  We hope they all enjoy it.

Shoot Bamboo

This year Shoot Bamboo will be taking our school photographs.  They have been highly recommended by other schools so we are really looking forward to their visit.  Permission slips will be sent out next week.

Cath Seddon,  Head Teacher – August  2017