Newsletter 7


Halkirk Primary School – Newsletter 7 – March 2017

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Parent Council Bingo Night – Thank you to everyone who supported the bingo night in any way.  It was a great success and raised £643 towards our library funding.

REMINDER – Class Group Photographs – These take place on Tuesday 7th March.

World Book Day – To celebrate World Book Day on 2nd March we had periodic ten minute reading slots during the day when staff and children stopped what they were doing and read a book.

Caithness Science Festival Week – All classes will be taking part in events during the week 14th to 17th March.  Some events are being held here at Halkirk and we will also be going to Mount Pleasant and Miller Academy.  It’s nice for children to visit other schools and we will also be having some schools visit Halkirk. 

Charity Committee Sale – The Charity Committee recently consulted with all classes about which charity we should support this term and the British Heart Foundation and a cancer charity got the most votes.  We will be holding a toy/book sale on Thursday 30th March. Children are invited to bring in old toys, games and books in good condition.  These can be brought to school on 27th, 28th and 29th March.  That’s your spring cleaning and recycling done in one go!! ☺  Items will then be on sale on 30th March with prices starting at 20p.

Eco-Group News – The eco- group have made bird seed cakes and they are now hung on trees and shrubs in the school grounds.  We get quite a range of birds flying in for a snack.

Police Visit – All classes recently enjoyed visits from PC Mezals.  As well as finding out about police equipment and getting to see the police van, pupils also found out about how to deal with emergencies, whether it’s 101 or 999 and our older pupils discussed a typical day in the police and the qualities/qualifications needed to join the police. Primary schools are expected to discuss careers as part of the government’s Developing the Young Workforce initiative.

Head Lice – Outbreaks occur from time to time and parents should check their child’s hair regularly. If you discover head lice there is no need for pupils to be absent from school once treatment has started.  Check the NHS website for further information on the range of products available. Your pharmacist can also offer advice.

Facebook – The school’s Facebook page is now closed.

Open Morning/Afternoon – We hope you will be able to visit your child in class as detailed below.  Children are always keen to show families their classrooms and activities they have been doing and it is a very positive way to promote the home/school partnership.

Friday 31st March – Curricular Afternoon from 1.45 to 2.45

Tuesday 4th April – Curricular Morning from 11.30 to 12.30

Cinema Visit – This has been arranged for Wednesday 5th April.

Easter Holidays – School closes at the normal time on Wednesday 5th April and opens again on Monday 24th April.

Mon 1st May – School closed for May holiday.

Thurs 4th May – School closed to pupils as it’s being used for local elections.  This means that school will now be open on Monday 5th June.

Friday 30th June – School closes at lunchtime for summer holidays.

Edith Coghill  Head Teacher – March 2017