Parent’s Area

The idea behind this section is to provide access to information and documentation about how the school operates, any principles we hold including our vision and goals. Any targets we have set ourselves to improve will also be documented here. Essentially, anything you might want to know as a caring parent!

We encourage our school “Golden Rules” which are as follows:

Do be gentle Do not hurt anybody
Do be kind and helpful Do not hurt people’s feelings
Do work hard Do not waste your or other people’s time
Do look after property Do not waste or damage things
Do listen to people Do not interrupt
Do be honest Do not cover up the truth
  • School Manuals

Standards & Quality        School Improvement Plan            Halkirk School Brochure 17-18

  • Useful Forms

– Latest School Uniform Order Form

– Free school dinners (P4-7) the online form is available at

Alternatively you can reach this page by going to and selecting Free School Meals & Clothing Grants.

  • Homework

A great deal of benefit can be gained by helping your child with their homework – but that doesn’t mean doing it for them! Read some of our guidlines on how to help your child get the most out of homework.

One Plus Two Languages Parent Leaflet

Support For Learners

  • Lunches (12:45 – 13.30)

The way dinner money is taken in is now changed . To avoid pupils being out of class so long dinner money will be dealt with in class. The procedure is as follows:-

All menu choices and money should be in on Monday morning. If your child has to have school lunches unexpectedly, they should go down to Dorothy as soon as they are in, with the money required, and inform Dorothy of their menu choice.

■ The correct money or cheque should be placed in the envelope provided. Cheques should be made payable to “Highland Council”.
■On the front of the envelope the name of the child and class should be written, along with their choices for that week.
■ On entering the class the envelope should be placed in the Dinner Money tub which will then be handed on to Dorothy, the school cook.
■ Lunch is currently £2.30 per day for P4 – P7 and free for P1 – P3.

Autumn/Winter 2017 Lunch Menu